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Stead (Integrated Power Track)

Stead (Integrated Power Track)

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Power Track

This sturdy desk features an integrated power track, perfect for anyone wanting to maximize productivity and declutter their workspace. Effortless setup and minimalist design adds an elegant look to any workspace.

Built with top-notch laminated wood and powder-coated steel, the only downside is that this desk might outlast decades, so you can't simply change desks in the future!

Some Specs You Oughta Know

  • Desk Height: 75.5 cm
  • Embedded Power Track with 2x Universal Adapters (Max up to 7)

Design Features

  • Tabletop Material: Hard Laminate Boards
  • Retractable Cable: no trailing on the floor!
  • Desk depth up to 80cm


  • 1x Desk Frames & Tabletop
  • 1x Embedded Power Track
  • 2x Universal Adapters


    3 years for desk frames and power track.
    (Ask us how to extend with our seasonal campaigns!)

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